Mission Statement

BLIMP is a forum for collecting, compiling and sharing a (hopefully) complete bibliography on biomedical literature mining.

The fast-growing field of biomedical literature mining is highly-interdisciplinary. Publications appear in forums ranging from the SIGIR conferences (the ACM Special Interest group on Information Retrieval) to journals such as Nature and Science, with the whole range of bioinformatics forums in-between.
To substantially contribute, one must know what was/is being done in this diverse area, and place the work in context - both biologically and computationally.

Instead of starting a journal fully dedicated to biomedical literature mining, thus creating yet another publication venue, this site offers an alternative: It holds in one place a compilation of references to relevant papers that have been published or accepted for publication.

BLIMP offers authors: Visibility, exposure, recognition that the paper has impact in the field. Moreover, the Editor's pick for "paper of the month", involves editors from prestigious journals, and can really boost readership of a paper.

BLIMP offers researchers: A one-stop site where all the relevant publications can be found.

How it works: BLIMP started with a core collection of several hundreds references, based on databases and tutorials in the field. The collection grows through web searches followed by verification by the editorial board, but most importantly, through authors and readers submission.

Guidelines for submission: If you know of a relevant paper that is missing from BLIMP, or have an accepted-for-publication paper, PhD/MSc thesis or a technical report, that you believe is relevant to biomedical text mining, fill in the submission form. Your entry will be reviewed by the editorial board for relevance. Within a few days your paper will be added to the database.

Important: Papers must either be accepted for publication by another journal or conference, or be a PhD/MSc dissertation or an official technical report, in order to appear here.

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Last update on: October 28, 2004
By: Limin Zheng