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 BLIMP covers all publications related to the fast-growing field of biomedical literature and text mining. It is a one-stop resource, letting researchers find out who-does-what in the area and where it is published, bridging across the many discipline-specific venues in which biomedical text-mining papers are published.

 BLIMP is committed to both coverage and relevance. It started with a large collection of publications, and constantly relies on authors to notify BLIMP through the submission form about their newly accepted papers. Relevance of submission is determined by the editorial board and each relevant paper is promptly added to the website.

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NLP and Ontologies in Biomedicine

Information Extraction in Biomedicine

Information Retrieval in Biomedicine

Text Categorization in Biomedicine

Hybrid Methods and Combined Data Sources

Background on NLP

Background on Information Extraction

Background in Information Retrieval and Text Categorization

Background on Text Mining

Reviews on Text Mining in Biomedicine


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